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Nursery On A Budget: Part 3

I’m on a mission to design and create a beautiful nursery at an extremely cost-effective price.

I’ve always been very proud to be a gay man. But this year, especially as I prepare to become a father, I have more pride than ever before. So in honor of Pride Month winding down, and in hopes of continuing my Nursery On a Budget series, I’ve pulled together (and created one item for) this Pride-themed nursery list.

Because you don’t have to be gay to appreciate how beautiful a rainbow is.

I’ll selfishly kick off this list with my very own creation. I’ve always been drawn to alphabet posters in nurseries, so I decided to paint my very own this week. The beauty of this particular project is that it doesn’t take much artistic skill. Simply buy a canvas of any size and purchase the paint in every color of the rainbow. Then without thinking too much about it, paint each letter of the alphabet as quickly as possible. The lack of precision will (hopefully) leave beautiful white spaces and small blotches of paint in and around each stroke, which mimics the perfectly imperfect artistic skills of a child – perfect for a nursery!

The second item on this list is a rainbow puzzle. These natural wood stackers are fun to play with and are a beautiful addition to any nursery shelf. They can be quite expensive though, so I’ve hunted down three of the cheapest (and cutest) options on the market:

The third item on this list is a rainbow mobile. These can be a bit pricey, but will likely be the centerpiece of your nursery, so it may be worth the splurge. That said, this is as Nursery On a Budget list, so here are my favorites of the inexpensive options available online:

The fourth item on my list is a rainbow rug. When decorating a nursery, most parents focus on the walls and completely forget about the floor. An accent rug, especially on a simple hardwood floor, adds that necessary pop of color that pulls the room’s overall aesthetic together. Rugs (especially comfy ones) can be expensive, so here are some (slightly) inexpensive options that I’m sure you’ll love:

  • Zachariah Hand-tufted Rainbow Area Rug by Wayfair ($38.99)
  • Little Bird Rainbow Rug by MotherCare ($45.50)
  • Rainbow Polka Dots Area Rug by CafePress ($76.99)

The very last item on my list is a rainbow pillow. Most new parents buy a rocking chair for their nursery, but many overlook an accent pillow in the rush to get everything done before the baby arrives. If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of pride to your nursery, an adorable pillow may be the perfect (and most cost effective) way to do so:

And that’s the Big Gay List! There are obviously endless rainbow accents to add to your nursery, but these are the staples I think you should consider first if you’re looking to add a pop of pride to your baby’s room.

What have I missed? If you added a pride-themed item to your nursery, send me a note and I’ll add it to this list.

Until next time, stay crafty!


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